Large Standard Honeycomb Panels

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Whether you’re renovating to increase your resale value, or just making your place look more beautiful and high-end, you can get all kinds of inspiration from with our unique large standard honeycomb panels.

The engineered construction used on our unique Patented large standard honeycomb panels provides for long lasting stability and perfect straightness with our true flat technology.

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Energy-efficient – It is the most energy-efficient product in the entire world, and is environmentally friendly because of our patented technology.

Built and tested to last – Manufactured in the pacific northwest in the USA. Tested for structural performance, strength, water damage and warpage, as well as our true flat technology.

True flat – Our true flat technology is guaranteed to stay flat forever. Our scientific composite includes the proper proportions of aluminum and/or other materials and bonding agents based on your specification or requirements. Because of this technology, our true flat large standard honeycomb panels is a work of art.

Sound proof – Insulated for thermal and sound.

high-strength – Will not break, bend, or twist in any way. And can also withstand a bullet being fired at it.

Light-weight – Remarkably lightweight, due to our patented technology, which is the only kind in existence.

Get the most out of life, and get our high-end and unique large standard honeycomb panels!

Why is our patented large honeycomb panels so advanced? Think of a honeycomb built by bees. It has a very concise and orderly pattern. This pattern is a symbol of structure, order, utility, and strength. Bees use this pattern as a basis for their homes and has served them well for thousands, if not millions of years. The honeycomb is very lightweight, yet can support lots of weight, like our large standard honeycomb panes.

The other added asset regarding our large standard honeycomb panels is also our patented torsion box. What is a torsion box? It consists of two thin layers of materials, or skins, on either side of a lightweight core, usually a grid of beams. It is designed to resist torsion, under an applied load.

It doesn’t matter if you’re out in the country or in the middle of the city, our hand-crafted large standard honeycomb panels will upgrade your establishment in the way of value and beauty in every way.

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Our high-end patented technology is located from beneath the sea (US Navy), to even up in outer space (NASA).

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