Large Metal Honeycomb Panels

Our awesome large metal honeycomb panels are the most state of the art and most technologically advanced ever made in the market!

What exactly is a honeycomb panel? Think of a honeycomb built by bees. It has a very concise and orderly pattern. This pattern is a symbol of structure, order, utility, and strength. Bees use this pattern as a basis for their homes and has served them well for thousands if not millions of years. The honeycomb is very lightweight, but yet can support lots of weight like our honeycomb panel.

A torsion box consists of two thin layers of material (skins) on either side of a lightweight core, which usually is a grid of beams. It is designed to resist torsion under an applied load.

Transform your imagination and become part of the future with our wonderful large metal honeycomb panels!

There are several advantages with our one of a kind large metal honeycomb panels. We use more renewable materials than in any other type of composite panel. It takes very little energy to produce our patented panels with our recycled and renewable structure material.

Think outside the box and one-up your home or office by getting our high-end and most state of the art large metal honeycomb panels ever created. Our panels are so strong that no bullet can punch a whole in it because of our patented honeycomb core.

Our unique large metal honeycomb panels are extremely lightweight, as light as 4 lbs. per cubic foot. Our panels also have our true flat technology. Our amazing panels will stay straight, even the drastic change in temperature and moisture change will not do anything to them.

With our sound-deadening technology, our unique panels feel like solid wood panels and do not sound hollow like other types of honeycomb cores.

Our beautiful large metal honeycomb panels are also fully insulated with EPS or urethane foam (R 3.5 to 6.5 per inch). The core grid is more than 10 times the strength of aluminum honeycomb with the same size of grids.

We have mastered the technique that is patented to allow for perfect straightness, non-warping, durability, and lightweight in each of our large metal honeycomb panels.

Be the best of the best when it comes to our large metal honeycomb panels!

When we say state of the art, we mean literally state of the art! There are no other metal honeycomb panels available on Earth!

Rest assured our large metal honeycomb panels will last the test of time. They will never warp, bend, or twist in any way

We have even incorporated our “true flat” technology within our large metal honeycomb panels. Guaranteed, they will stay perfectly straight for practically forever!

Let us make these beautiful large metal honeycomb panels and have the latest in rage in design in your home or business. With functionality and state of the art technology, you simply can’t go wrong.

Contact us today and we will guarantee our large metal honeycomb panels will “wow” you!