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Honeycomb Panels

honeycomb-panel-cutawayHoneycomb Panels bring you the ultimate solution to the issues of lightweight and high strength with our high-performance patented precision honeycomb panels that are far superior to any other existing honeycomb panel material available.

Our honeycomb panels are Eco-friendly,  lightweight, high strength and proudly made in the USA in our factory located in the Pacific Northwest town of McCleary, Washington.

What makes Honeycomb Panels so different from other honeycomb panels?

Revised Natural Torsion Box

Honeycomb-Panels-Patented-Wood-Torsion-Box-Structure-Made-in-USAFirst of all, the base of our honeycomb core is manufactured of natural wood fiber that is configured in a basic torsion box pattern. This is an effective and ecologically sound approach to conserving the best of nature. The torsion box strength is multiplied by using revised vertical grain orientation, rather than traditional horizontal grain for the torsion box structure.

Solid Structure Throughout

honeycomb-panel-torsion-box-coreTo further improve on the natural wood torsion box design, our patented Honeycomb Panels fill the otherwise empty voids of each individual box or cell with a firm, recycled foam material. This is also an ecologically sound use of material that would otherwise be stressful for out environment, yet when adhered inside the individual cells, provides a lightweight yet solid-as-a-rock foundation for the exterior surface materials to be applied.

Sandwich Skins

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe torsion box honeycomb core is sandwiched between to sheets of exterior surface material – or skins – to complete the torsion box design. We have no preference to the material that is used on the exterior of our honeycomb panels. The default surface material is a lightweight plywood material that can easily be bonded to almost any other material by an adequately equipped millwork or woodcraftsman. The exterior skin could be any flat building material, including any available natural wood species, aluminum, brick, cement, ceramic, concrete, fiberglass, FRP, glass, Kevlar, LVL, metal, MDF, plastic, stainless steel, etc…


Wood-honeycomb-panel-kitchen-cabinetsThe possibilities are endless because of the unlimited variations of our honeycomb panels configuration that can be customized to meet (or exceed) your specifications. The types of foam used and variety of skin composites make this the perfect high-performance building material.

There are so many applications that are possible with our high strength and lightweight honeycomb panels which can also be configured in post and beam formats.

honeycomb-panels-usa-green-eco-friendlyEco-friendly Manufacture

In our factory the patented honeycomb panels are hand manufactured by our local labor force using expensive formaldehyde-free glue (that will not delaminate) throughout the creation process, using very little energy, with no toxic waste.

aluminium honeycomb panels lightweight composite panels honeycomb coreLightweight

Honeycomb Panels USA honeycomb panels weigh only a fraction of other building materials due to their unique design and manufacturing process, providing a 100% solid true flat building material.

High Strength

Honeycomb Panel Post and Beam Lab Testing at Washington State UniversityBesides being lightweight, the single most important feature of our patented honeycomb panels is in the high strength performance. You will find our honeycomb panels utilized in architectural designs that could not be created with any other building material because only ours has a compression strength of over 660 PSI (as independently tested by the University of Washington – that’s stronger than solid steel pound-for-pound) while other honeycomb panels weigh-in at 10-to-100 PSI. This enables our honeycomb panels to bridge long spans with very little substructure (because the frame is built-in to the panel itself).


honeycomb-panels-usa-premium-honeycomb-panels-50-years-guaranteedUnlike other honeycomb panels that fail and are considered disposable and are constantly in need of repair, Honeycomb Panels USA honeycomb panels will last virtually forever without failure. In fact, our patented honeycomb panels are the only building material that can be guaranteed true flat – and will stay true flat – for 50 years. That means, no more service calls because our premium honeycomb panels are designed and built to last for centuries and will not rot, warp, bend, twist, cup or fail over time.


honeycomb-panels-green-eco-friendly-affordable-economical-save-moneyIt is our intent to make our patented honeycomb panels affordable to the masses. Pricing is comparable to marine grade plywood and much less than honeycomb composite panels used in traditional aerospace technology.

At this time, we only sell wholesale direct to manufacturers, so if you’re looking to use our honeycomb panels at home, please contact your local builder’s supply, lumber yard or contractor for more information about Honeycomb Panels USA.

Dealer inquiries invited.