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Interior and Exterior HPL Door

Interior and Exterior HPL Doors

SingCore relentlessly continues to develop innovative solutions to challenging architectural problems. Recently, SingCore announced an expanded manufacturing capacity that will lower the cost of doors that they produce. SingCore doors are known for their patented Green-Core technology using insulated honeycomb panels and boards. SingCore has continually integrated their Green-Core honeycomb insulated panel and board technology into many different applications including insulated exterior barn doors, stainless steel insulated exterior doors, stainless steel wall panels, slat boards, slat wall panels, pivot doors, large sliding doors, sound proof doors, sliding room dividers, and insulated room dividers.

Interior and Exterior HPL Door
Interior and Exterior HPL Door

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Strong and Secure

SingCore’s patented Green-Core technology makes interior and exterior HPL doors weather and moisture resistant, sound proof, impact resistant and able to withstand scraping and cutting of all sorts. When matched with SingCore’s patented Green-Core technology, HPL creates a rock solid, nearly impervious interior or exterior door that will give you an entire lifetime of rigorous service while still retaining the strength, security and structural stability you need to allow your doors to function under the most extreme weather circumstance.


Because HPL offers you an extremely strong, yet lightweight door skin, when you buy HPL doors with SingCore inside, you are buying the most lightweight door on the market. Insulated interior and exterior doors including pivot doors, sliding doors, stainless steel doors, sound proof doors, pocket doors, french doors, barn doors, and man doors must be extremely lightweight in order to provide you with complete, hassle free functionality over the years. Doors using our innovative HPL skin door design function better, are more lightweight, stronger, more warp resistant, and more durable. All of our doors are backed by our Signature 50 Year Guarantee and all of our products are hand made in Washington State.

Insulated and Sound Proof

SingCore’s patented Green-Core technology prevents heat loss and sound proofing to any room. With SingCore inside your doors you will experience the best insulation for climate control and sound proofing for privacy and security.

Cost Savings

  1. Top secret manufacturing (mfg) processes of building interior and exterior insulated HPL doors with our patented Green-Core inside eliminates high material and labor costs often associated with the high price of comparable door manufacturers (mfgs).
  2. Fits with universal door tracks and hardware. No need to spend the money swapping out or upgrading door tracks. Save money by using your existing hardware on our doors. Can be used for typical door use or as a very high end door at a reasonable price.
  3. Low maintenance. Stands up to as much or more rigorous use as a metal door or high end wood stave door. Extremely strong, impact resistant, and easily patched if damaged. High strength, extremely lightweight, durable patented Green-Core structural core. Less damage to your door jambs, frames and surrounding structural areas. No need to replace your interior or exterior doors as often. Your interior or exterior insulated HPL door panels will be less costly overall because you can buy less expensive hardware to support its weight.

Large Production Capacity

When you order from SingCore, your satisfaction is our number one priority. We will manufacture (mfg) your doors at a lower cost and higher quality possible by competitors and we deliver On Time and On Budget. We have the production capacity for any order, large or small. We manufacture (mfg) any custom size FRP door for your extreme weather needs including tropical storm or hurricane conditions.

Local Economic Sustainability

We are a proud supporter of local economic sustainability. We use 100% locally sourced materials and offer free shipping to customers in Washington State on eligible orders.

Eco-Friendly Patented Green-Core

SingCore’s patented Green-Core technology is built with 100% recycled material. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it is highly functional as insulation and sound proofing as well.

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SingCore Fiberglass FRP Extreme Weather Door

Extreme Weather Doors

Made in the USA, SingCore manufactures (mfgs) fiberglass (FRP) doors that can withstand extreme weather conditions such as tropical storms and hurricanes. SingCore’s patented green-core technology makes doors lightweight, high strength, and impact resistant.

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SingCore’s FRP extreme weather doors have been specially designed, engineered and tested to keep your family and home safe and secure from extreme weather and high winds. SingCore’s patent and patent-pending green-core technology is the world’s foremost way to manufacture (mfg) the most lightweight and strongest door that you can buy on the market today.

SingCore Fiberglass FRP Extreme Weather Doors
SingCore Fiberglass FRP Extreme Weather Doors

Main Features:

Waterproof & Moisture Resistant
Storm proof and Impact Resistant
Hurricane Ready and High Strength
Lightweight and Non-Warping
Insulated for Climate Control
50 Year No-Warp Guarantee
Outperforms Other Comparable Doors
Longer Lasting than Vinyl
Also Available in Faux Wood Finish
Five Times the Insulation of Wood
Less Maintenance than Comparable Doors
Stronger than Steel Pound for Pound

Other Features:

SingCore FRP doors outperform and last longer than comparable vinyl doors
SingCore FRP doors are available in a variety of colors and finishes
SingCore FRP doors have much lower maintenance in comparison to other materials
SingCore FRP doors are also available in faux wood finish
SingCore Fiberglass FRP Doors have at least five times more insulation than wood

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SingCore FRP extreme weather doors give your home the safety, security, and protection you and your family deserve. When a hurricane or tropical storm bring extreme weather or high winds to your home, make sure you have SingCore FRP extreme weather doors installed. SingCore FRP extreme weather doors are impact resistant and can stand up to high winds and flying debris.

SingCore Fiberglass FRP Extreme Weather Doors
SingCore Fiberglass FRP Extreme Weather Doors

The doors to your home are usually the weaker points in a structure’s integrity. SingCore FRP weather resistant and extreme weather doors are a sure way to protect your home or business. When you have SingCore FRP extreme weather doors installed, you can be confident your FRP doors will not fail during extreme weather, tropical storms, or hurricane like conditions. The for When wind forces hit a building, all loads are transferred to the door guides and wall angle. There are two load forces exerting on the hurricane proof doors. Dead load represents the total door hang weight while the wind pressure forces are live load. The critical wall fasteners within the opening height handle transferring the live load. Though not constant, live load forces can greatly exceed the dead load force. Having a solid, full height door mounting surface at the door jamb is critical. Our Fiberglass FRP Doors are not only extremely lightweight, but stronger than steel pound for pound and can be guaranteed to be truly flat.

Protect your home and family by installing SingCore FRP extreme weather doors. With SingCore extreme weather doors you are safe from door failures. High winds from hurricanes or tropical storms cause impacts from debris that lead to property damage or people injured or killed. Do not get left stranded without a door and have a wide opening on your home during extreme weather conditions because not only will you not want to make repairs to your home during a storm or hurricane, you will unlikely find any stores open and driving conditions will be dangerous. Not to mention, without doors, you, your family, and your property are no longer secure inside your home without a door to shut and lock. High winds and hurricanes will seriously affect your doors. If your doors fail, they will create openings into your home. Those new openings will allow air to forcefully flow into your home. The force from those high winds caused by extreme weather, tropical storms, or hurricanes can fill your house so fast with outside air that the roof of your home will blow right off!

If you live in an area where hurricanes are a common natural disaster, it’s important that you take precautions to prepare and protect your home from damaging winds and flying debris.

SingCore Fiberglass FRP Extreme Weather Doors
SingCore Fiberglass FRP Extreme Weather Doors

Large Production Capacity:

When you order from SingCore, your satisfaction is our number one priority. We will manufacture (mfg) your doors at a lower cost and higher quality possible by competitors and we deliver on time and on budget. We have the production capacity for any order, large or small. SingCore manufactures (mfgs) any custom size FRP door for your extreme weather needs including tropical storm or hurricane conditions.

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Large Front Entryway Pivot Door

Who Sells Pivot Doors

SingCore is home of the world’s most beautiful Pivot Doors. The pivot doors they are able to manufacture at their factory in McCleary, WA include: Wood Pivot Doors, Steel Pivot Doors, Glass Pivot Doors, Aluminum Pivot Doors, Custom Entry Pivot Doors. Pivot doors which are made using the patented and patent-pending SingCore technologies are celebrated around the world as being the best pivot doors in the world.

SingCore Pivot Doors For Sale Online

All SingCore Pivot Doors can be custom built to be hurricane certified and are backed by a 50 year no-warp guarantee.

SingCore has a long established history of designing and manufacturing contemporary doors with an emphasis on pivot doors. SingCore doors are 100% Made in the USA. Their fully custom pivot doors are one of a kind and will fully capture anyone’s attention. SingCore’s unmatched service and attention to quality make them the number one choice when choosing who to buy your pivot door from. Not to mention we eliminate all of a buyer’s financial risk by backing all of our pivot doors with a 50 year no-warp guarantee. No other door manufacturer can come close with this entire pivot door package.

Pivot Door 50 Year No Warp Guarantee
Pivot Door 50 Year No Warp Guarantee

Browse our entire collection of pivot doors or design a custom pivot door and have us make it for you. Whether you’re looking for fully or semi-custom pivot door, we are sure to deliver an impressive and breathtaking pivot door that will have a cool contemporary vibe as well as a unique opening architecture for an entry way.

Custom Large and Oversize Pivot Doors

There is no pivot door too big that SingCore cannot make. SingCore makes the lightest, highest strength, straightest pivot doors in the industry. All SingCore pivot doors are backed by their signature 50 Year Warp Free Guarantee. All SingCore pivot doors are 100% hand made in the USA, using only locally sourced materials. No one else can offer a 50 year guarantee on custom pivot doors at a price that cannot be beat.

Pivot Door Room Divider
Pivot Door Room Divider

Pivot Door with SingCore

Pivot doors are trending and very popular among businesses and high-end home owners. When considering a pivot door purchase, there are some technical issues you will have to consider before choosing the right pivot door for your project. Pivot doors come in many different sizes and we do specialize in larger, oversize pivot doors. On several occasions, we have had customers come to us because the large, oversize pivot door they bought from another vendor ended up bending, twisting, and warping. Because our large and oversize pivot doors are developed using a patented green-core technology, we are able to back our doors with a 50 year no-warp guarantee that no other pivot door manufacturer can match. Do not set yourself up for failure and purchase a large or oversize pivot door that does not have SingCore inside. Without SingCore inside, your large or oversize pivot door will likely warp after a couple of seasons and then it will become inoperable. And if the pivot door manufacturer that sold you the pivot door door did not back their pivot door with a 50 year guarantee to never warp, you will be left holding the bill for a new pivot door door.

Large Oversize Pivot Door For Sale
Large Oversize Pivot Door

Benefits of Pivot Doors with SingCore

1. Lightweight – Pivot doors with SingCore reduce stress on the structure supporting it.
2. Strong and Secure – SingCore pivot doors are stronger than steel pound for pound. You will always feel safe behind a SingCore pivot door.
3. Insulated – Increased climate control.
4. Sound Proof – Cancels out noises for added privacy.
5. Guaranteed – SingCore guarantees your pivot door will not warp for 50 years.
6. Enhance Room – Pivot doors are an elegant transition between spaces.
7. Eco-Friendly – SingCore’s patented green-core technology is made from 100% recycled material.
8. Versatile – Pivot doors make also make great room dividers.
9. Attention Grabbing – Pivot doors are a focal point at any get together.
10. Increased Home Value – It has now been established that homes with pivot door entry weays sell faster and for more money.
11. Hurricane Certified – SingCore can custom make your pivot door to be hurricane certified.

To find out more about how you can buy a standard sized pivot doors from SingCore, follow the link below. They only sell standard sizes online but contact them directly by phone to order custom pivot doors.

SingCore Pivot Doors For Sale Online

Slatwall Panels

Slatwall Panels

Butcher block slatwall panelOne of the latest developments at Honeycomb Panels USA is the development of lightweight high strength slatwall panels that can be freestanding slatwall panels in any size and shape configuration that are stronger than steel! This is getting attention from high end store supply manufacturers of retail store fixtures serving a clientele that only desires the very best slatwall panels.

When it comes to slatwall panels, you want all the convenience of store displays that have all the slat wall accessories, like slat board hooks, slatwall shelves and slatwall hangers, etc… for expanding your shelving ideas exponentially.

Retail Slatwall Displays

Slatwall Panels lightweight high strength non warping slatwall free standingHoneycomb Panels USA slatwall panels is on the leading edge on retail store supplies that is a revolution in retail displays introducing many options for shelving ideas that take a store display to the next level.

Designing your next retail display can be the most liberating upgrade in your retail shelving giving you access to the wide variety of existing slatwall retail fixtures that are readily available through traditional retail channels.

What started as a high tech solution for an upscale slot wall project resulting in our composite solution to slotwall challenges introducing a complete double sided slot wall system, including a free standing slotwall solution that would not warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail while remaining perfectly slotted wall panels that could accommodate all the standard hardware previously made for slot walls.

Slatwall Shelving Systems

Composite slatwall panelsOur slatwall solutions include shelving systems that integrate seamlessly into our slotted slat board that enables a one-man crew to quickly reconfigure a retail display area, even building and entire storewall in very little time.

Even though you are not limited by standard slatwall dimensions, still our most popular size slatwall panels are 4 x 8 wall panels.

Honeycomb Slatboard

White lightweight slatwall pvc handiwall panelsOur pre-slotted honeycomb slatboard can traverse long spans with very little deflection, if any, even when displaying merchandise. Enjoy all the convenience of this luxurious problem-solving slatwall. All you have to do is let us know the length, the width and thickness you want.

Metal Slatwall

Galvanized steel slatwall panelsThese lightweight high strength slatwall panels can feature any flat external building material to meet or excel rigorous architectural specifications. Our metal slatwall is gaining traction in the marketplace for retail displays that are a cut above the rest.

Our most popular metal slatwall is our aluminum slatwall amongst all our varied metal slatwall panels.

Other popular slatwall materials other than metal slatwall includes plastic slatwall, and introducing the most elegant wood slatwall of all; the wood butcher block slatwall panels.

Slatwall Garage Systems

slatwall garage accessoriesGaining popularity in garages across the USA, you will find our honeycomb slatwall appearing in modern garages as both wall attachments, but more often as free-standing slatwalls or complete slatwall room dividers that multiply a garages function and ability to neatly store tools and accessories on slatwall display shelves, with slat wall hooks, in slatwall bins or any of the other myriad slatwall garage accessories that are available as slat board accessories.

Honeycomb Panels

Welcome to Honeycomb Panels USA, the only Eco-friendly manufacturer of the most lightweight high-strength honeycomb panels in the United States.

Honeycomb Panels USA manufactures a patented new generation of honeycomb panel that outperforms all other honeycomb panels anywhere.

How to make the best honeycomb panels in the world

The secret behind making the best honeycomb panels in the world, begins with the internal structure of the honeycomb panels themselves. Our honeycomb structure is made of natural vertical wood grain fiber in a torsion box configuration. This creates an enormously high strength torsion box honeycomb panel… but Honeycomb Panels USA does not stop there…

Patented torsion box honeycomb panels go even further by filling the empty spaces of the torsion box honeycomb structure wall to wall with rigid recycled foam. Sandwiched between two stress skins using waterproof formaldehyde-free adhesive creates the most lightweight, high strength solid composite core honeycomb panels ever invented.

Honeycomb Panels USA wood torsion box honeycomb core structure foam composite honeycomb panel

How strong are Honeycomb Panels USA panels?

Honeycomb Panels USA panels have been independently tested at Washington State University at 660 PSI (stronger than steel pound for pound); compare that to other honeycomb panels commonly used in the aerospace industry that test at only 10 to 100 PSI with very little shear strength.

They are so strong, in fact, that you can traverse long spans without much support, which is why the United States Military, NASA, marine and aerospace manufacturers rely on Honeycomb Panels USA for the strongest most lightweight panels.

Insulated Honeycomb Panels

Honeycomb Panels USA panels have a natural insulation quality built in to the structure itself that imbues each honeycomb panel with insulation from heat, cold and barometric environments with a rating of R-3.5 or R-6.5 per square inch of honeycomb panel thickness.

This insulation also creates a sound barrier with its sound deadening qualities for increased privacy and noise control in industrial applications.

Large and Oversized Honeycomb Panel Projects

One of the unique uses of Honeycomb Panels USA’s torsion box honeycomb panels is in the large/oversize division of projects around the world.

Weighing in at a fraction of other building materials, our honeycomb panels can be created in sizes up to 40 ft. and up. While size and weight are considerations for shipping abilities (the United States Military has ways to overcome super large panel shipments that may not be available to the average commercial contractor, distributor or supplier). Honeycomb Panels USA has devised a system for creating modular honeycomb panels that can be shipped as multiple components and assembled on site while retaining complete structural integrity and can be guaranteed to be completely flat following assembly and for a minimum of 50 years without fail.

50 Year Honeycomb Panels USA Guarantee

That’s right. Only Honeycomb Panels USA can offer a true flat guarantee that states that your premium honeycomb panels will be true flat and will stay flat, will not warp, bend, twist, cup or otherwise fail for 50 years, backed in writing.

Contact Us for more information.

Honeycomb Panels

Honeycomb Panels USAHoneycomb panels by Honeycomb Panels USA are the most lightweight, high strength insulated honeycomb panels and they are also good for the earth.

How to make honeycomb panels

Our honeycomb panels start with patented torsion box honeycomb core. The torsion box structure is made of vertical grain natural wood fiber; this inner structure honeycomb grid provides superior structure strength. But we don’t stop there; next we filly the open spaced wall to wall with rigid recycled foam providing additional strength and insulation while remaining lightweight. Finally we sandwich the solid composite honeycomb core between two stress skins.

marine honeycomb panelsHighest strength honeycomb panels

It’s no surprise that Honeycomb Panel USA’s honeycomb panels can be found beneath the sea (US Navy), in outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between. Why? Because no other affordable lightweight honeycomb panel is as strong. For instance, most aircraft honeycomb panels are only rated from 10 to 100 PSI, while Honeycomb Panels USA honeycomb panels are rated at 660 PSI and they are the only Eco-friendly honeycomb panels proudly made in the USA.

Lightest weight honeycomb panels

Your project can fly high using Honeycomb Panels USA’s honeycomb board. Weighing in at a fraction of the weight of other solid honeycomb panels, our honeycomb grid material is the secret ingredient in these aircraft honeycomb panels that outperform any other aerospace honeycomb panel thereby redefining aircraft honeycomb.

Honeycomb panels aluminum honeycomb panels wood edge optionMarine honeycomb panels

Even though the aerospace industry loved the idea of honeycomb panels you might be surprised to discover that honeycomb panels are being found increasingly amongst the marine industry in boat making, ship building, submarines and air craft carriers due to its lightweight, airtight, waterproof and stronger than steel pound for pound.

Aluminum honeycomb panels

Our next most popular honeycomb panels are our aluminum honeycomb panels. They are the strongest Eco-friendly lightweight honeycomb panels and can be completely encapsulated in aluminum per your specifications for the best aluminum honeycomb sheet. Make sure your aluminum honeycomb panel features our patented torsion box honeycomb grid.

fiberglass honeycomb panelsFiberglass honeycomb panels

Close behind our aluminum honeycomb panel is our fiberglass honeycomb panel available in fiberglass or FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic). Enjoy the lightweight high strength American made honeycomb panels from Honeycomb Panels USA.

Where can I get Honeycomb Panels USA panels?

You can get our patented technology infused honeycomb panels from your favorite home improvement center, lumber yard, sheet goods supplier or anywhere you find honeycomb panels for sale. See your favorite supplier for your best honeycomb price.

Make Anything with Honeycomb Panels

The Honeycomb Board panel is a true revolution in the building materials industry and may be the most significant technological breakthrough in the last Century.

No other building material is so versatile with attributes that carry over into your product creation enabling you to build anything lightweight, high strength and Eco-friendly.

Stop being limited by statistics represented by outdated building materials… Build anything… and bring your dreams to life with Sing Sandwich panels – On Sale Now.

You Can Create Anything in Any Size with Honeycomb Board Panels is Easy as A, B, C

A. Add your own skin

Using Honeycomb Boards as substrate you can cold-press nearly any flat exterior surface material to achieve your specifications in both appearance and performance while maintaining high strength and lightweight characteristics.

B. Band the edges

The Honeycomb Board has open edges so that the Core material and wood torsion box material is exposed to the naked eye. Simple edge-banding is easy and hides the exposed patented core and take on the appearance of solid wood (or material of choice).

C. Combine for any size

Instead of ordering expensive large sandwich panels, you can combine several standard-sized (4×8) Honeycomb Board Panels, joining them yourself to create any size desired and saving you the added expense of custom manufactured oversized panels.

D. Designs come to life

With the increased versatility of Honeycomb Board panel’s ability to take on any characteristics that you desire, by simply covering, edge-banding and assembling to make any size required, you have unlimited options to truly create anything you want.

Here are some photos of what people are making with Honeycomb Board panels… What will you do?

Only Honeycomb Panel USA’s Honeycomb Board can make all your dreams come to life*.

* = Especially designs that would have been limited due to the heavy weight or weakness of previously available building materials.

Honeycomb Board Half Price Sale

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAYou will be surprised by the insulated Eco-friendly, light weight, super-strength honeycomb board panel.

Standard sizes, thicknesses, faces and quantities are limited to those listed. For other dimensions and/or options please contact us for more information.

Standard Honeycomb Board Panel Details:

  • Dimension: 4 ft x 8 ft
  • Thickness: 1 inch
  • Standard plywood or HPL surface*
  • 3×3″ torsion box structural grids

* = subject to availability/stock on-hand


1″ Regular Price: $256 Sale Price: $128*

Honeycomb Board 1/2 Price Sale expires: Dec. 31, 2014

You Can Create Anything in Any Size with Honeycomb Board is Easy as A, B, C

A. Add your own skin

Using Honeycomb Board as substrate you can cold-press nearly any flat exterior surface material to achieve your specifications in both appearance and performance while maintaining high strength and lightweight characteristics.

B. Band the edges

The Honeycomb Board has open edges so that the Sing Core material and wood torsion box material is exposed to the naked eye. Simple edge-banding is easy and hides the exposed patented core and take on the appearance of solid wood (or material of choice).

C. Combine for any size

Instead of ordering expensive large sandwich panels, you can combine several standard-sized (4×8) Honeycomb Boards, joining them yourself to create any size desired and saving you the added expense of custom manufactured oversized panels.

D. Designs come to life

With the increased versatility of Honeycomb Board’s ability to take on any characteristics that you desire, by simply covering, edge-banding and assembling to make any size required, you have unlimited options to truly create anything you want.

create anything using honeycomb panels1. What is a Honeycomb Board Panel?

A Honeycomb Board panel consists of patented Sing Core sandwiched between two exterior sheets of flat building material resulting in the strongest lightweight low-cost panel in the world. Honeycomb Board panels are so versatile, they have hundreds of applications. For more information on the Honeycomb Boards, see: Honeycomb Panels.

2. Honeycomb Board Panel Applications

The 1.52 inch thick Honeycomb Board is our most popular door core material; after adding 1/8 inch skins, you have the perfect door thickness. You could use these patented honeycomb board panels to build your own engineered lumber in your shop, or

  • 4x8 sign boards lightweight high strength honeycomb panels usaConstruct a tiny house
  • World’s smallest house
  • Make a door
  • Use as flooring
  • Ceilings
  • Stair treads
  • Trade show displays
  • Store fixtures
  • Signs
  • Transportation applications
  • Cold storage
  • Tables
  • Furniture
  • … and so much more …

3. Why Build with Honeycomb Board Panels?

There are so many things that you can create with Honeycomb Board panels, knowing that by doing so, your end product will be manufactured with a True Green Eco-friendly material that is lightweight, stronger than steel pound for pound with built-in insulation.

Here at Honeycomb Panels USA, we make the world’s best Eco-friendly oversize doors that are lightweight, stronger than any other comparable material, and are true flat. No one else could accomplish this feat if not for the Sing Core composite secret ingredient.

High-end formaldehyde-free adhesion

Honeycomb Board panels are constructed using the most responsible use of natural wood from nature and expensive structural urethane glue that is formaldehyde-free and water resistant.


Other applications such as: insulated flooring, moveable partition walls, loft floors, table top substrate, counter top substrate and so much more.

4. How to Build with Honeycomb Board Panels

Create Hardwood Lumber On Demand

By having a quantity of Honeycomb Board panels on hand, you can create your own hardwood lumber, posts and beams, furniture parts, metal composite building materials at your location, when you want it, as you need it! Having a Honeycomb Board panel inventory is the secret weapon in exclusive high-end millworks.

Create any size panel you want

Due to its extreme versatility, Honeycomb Board panels can be ripped and cut just like any other plywood-type building material. Cut into strips and glue together to make your own posts and beams, then finish them in any exterior material that meets the specifications of your project.

Honeycomb Board Substrate

One of the most popular uses of the patented Honeycomb Board panel is as substrate material. The most popular use is as door core but is also popular as substrate for countertops, table tops, flooring, walls, ceilings and in a wide variety of office and home furniture.

Applying Exterior Surface Material

Applying exterior surface materials to the Honeycomb Board is simple and easy. Most any laminated building material can be adhered to your Honeycomb Board by cold-pressing with standard wood/carpenter glue or contact cement. Certain contact cements are best when adhering plastics or vinyl materials to your Honeycomb Board facings; and peel-and-stick vinyl coverings are gaining in popularity making it easy to change appearance of your Honeycomb Board panels instantaneously.

Joining Honeycomb Board Panels

Joining Honeycomb Board panels is much less complicated that you might think. Imagine being able to build a structure without the need of any lumber-frame. We have people building entire homes without being framed, by simply joining Honeycomb Board panels that are pre-insulated with built-in structure torsion box frame making these lightweight panels stronger than steel pound for pound.

How Do People Join the Honeycomb Board Panels?

Unlike other 4×8 sheets of building materials, like plywood, particle board or other common substrate materials; Honeycomb Board is straight due to it’s patented internal structure design, and therefore easily joined with out additional framing materials. Some people do join using an H channel system, though most simply urethane-glue the straight panels together. After the glue has dried, any excess glue is removed by sanding; then finish just like you would any other wood-based building material. Urethane glue provides a better more solid, ling-lasting and weatherproof connecting result than nails or screws used in conventional building methods.

Now you can have the convenience of Honeycomb Board panels – that are superior when compared to other materials – in stock at your location at huge savings due to this one-time offer without using promo codes.

you can not crash honeycomb panels usa torsion box strength lightweightWant large panels?

Certainly, when we build large panels, we can certify and guarantee them as true flat, using our seamless technology. But, you can manufacture your own oversized panels by patching as many Honeycomb Board panels as you need to achieve the desired dimensions of your project at your location.

Want an even better deal?

Special truckload price inquiries will also receive an extra discount for quantity. Contact us to take advantage of our special-priced outlet offer.

Almost any DIY person can build a 8 x 16 Tiny House in their back yard w/22 pieces of Honeycomb Board Panels (see the strength of this 1 inch thick Honeycomb Board shown in photo).

Shipping times may vary. This special price is based on cumulative bulk order(s) i.e., your order will be combined with other orders and shipped following production run.

Call: 360-495-3577


How Honeycomb Panels Are Made in the USA

patented honeycomb plywood lightweight high strength wood torsion box exposed viewHoneycomb panels by Honeycomb Panels USA use a patented technology that is the perfect combinations of old school artisan craftsmanship and high tech lightweight technology resulting in a composite engineered plywood product that affordably out performs any other honeycomb panel.

Most other traditional honeycomb panels to may achieve the goal of being lighter in weight that other building material – and this has truly been a breakthrough in the last 50 years helping to bolster aerospace technology and other design complications that may have hindered aggressive progress.

stack of marine grade honeycomb plywood lightweight high strengthWhile hugely valuable, traditional honeycomb panels regularly fail strength tests as most have very low PSI strength (i.e., 10 to 100 PSI). It was this deficiency that led inventor Peter Sing on his life long journey to find a structural answer to the issue of lightweight and strength.

The patented process that he discovered required a melding of old and new technologies to develop reinforced structural insulated panels that can achieve 660 PSI (or much higher depending on your required specifications). These resulting panels challenge the laws of physics as we know them.

Also, Sing’s revolutionary honeycomb panels are not only lightweight and high strength, but they are an ecologically friendly and sustainable product made right here in the USA and can be guaranteed for 50 years.

How Honeycomb Panels are Made in the USA

Honeycomb-Panels-Patented-Wood-Torsion-Box-Structure-Made-in-USAUnlike other honeycomb panels that feature non-earth-friendly honeycomb structures that are relatively weak but lightweight, Honeycomb Panels USA honeycomb panels start with a vertical grain natural wood torsion box structure.

This high end lightweight high strength solution has been used by wood craftsmen for thousands of years to develop lightweight, large flat structurally sound panels with the strength to cover long spans with much less risk of failing. The downside of this was that it could not achieve flatness over time due to the nature of the wood that tends to bend, warp and twist due to change in moisture.

see-inside-honeycomb-core-wood-torsion-box-filled-with-foamTo combat these limitations, inventor Sing made two significant modifications to the oridinal torsion box design.

The first was to change the orientation of the wood grain. Traditionally, craftsmen built the torsion box substructure with horizontal wood grain. By flipping and cross cutting the box walls so that their grain was oriented vertically, Sing was able to increase the strength of the torsion box structure many time. But he didn’t stop there.

The second major improvement was to fill the empty spaces within the torsion box structure with rigid foam (which is 90% air) wall to wall, creating a solid, lightweight structural base material that when sandwiched between two stress skins is stronger than steel pound for pound.

honeycomb-panels-usa-green-eco-friendlyEco-Friendly Manufacturing in the USA

The manufacturing of Honeycomb Panels USA uses less energy and manpower, creates very little waste, using the best of natural and recycled materials resulting in an evergreen structural building material made in the USA that will last for centuries without fail.

Honeycomb Plywood

patented honeycomb plywood lightweight high strength wood torsion box exposed viewHoneycomb Plywood by Honeycomb Panels could be the best sustainable ecologically responsible building material to surface within the last century that is lightweight, high strength and fully insulated.

Honeycomb Panels’ honeycomb plywood marine ply is so easy to use; any standard wood worker, millwork or wood shop can use our patented honeycomb plywood without any additional skills or equipment, just as though you were using plywood.

Don’t be fooled by its appearance or ease of use. Even though our honeycomb plywood marine ply looks like regular plywood, there is nothing normal about this newest generation of composite materials to hit the woodworking industry.

The boating industry and the U.S. Navy are embracing the attributes of our patented honeycomb plywood to replace marine plywood. Marine plywood is heavy and cannot maintain a high level of flatness or precision, like honeycomb plywood by Honeycomb Panels.

Unlike traditional marine plywood this honeycomb plywood has amazing characteristics that cannot be found elsewhere in any affordable flat building material.

stack of marine grade honeycomb plywood lightweight high strengthFor instance, our patented honeycomb plywood is:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • High strength
  • Insulated
  • True flat
  • Stay flat
  • Can be waterproof plywood
  • Requires no special handling
  • Eco-friendly

Honeycomb Panels makes our honeycomb plywood right here at our factory in McCleary, Washington in the USA. Our honeycomb plywood may be the only structural building material made in the USA and exported throughout the world.

patented marine grade structural honeycomb plywood for boat builders


At one-third the weight (or less depending on the thickness) this revolutionary new building material helps to reduce energy costs significantly; less expensive to ship across the USA or the world, using less fuel and natural resources with less carbon footprint. At the construction end; less equipment, energy and fuel consumed on-site while saving labor costs and fewer injuries.

High strength

Our honeycomb plywood is stronger than steel pound for pound, testing out at 660 PSI (while other honeycombs are between 10 and 100 PSI) and can be easily increased to over 1400 PSI or more (if necessary to meet your specifications).


Honeycomb Panels’ honeycomb plywood is based on their insulated panels’ design that is packed full of solid insulation wall-to-wall between the internal structure grids. The insulation panels can be used as any exterior grade plywood.

True flat

No other high strength affordable insulated building material can be as high precision for true flat surface (with 1000ths of an inch) with little or no variance depending on the desire surface material.

Stay flat

Unlike other flat building materials that may be flat when manufactured or installed, honeycomb plywood by Honeycomb Panels is designed to stay flat for 100 years and guaranteed not to warp, bend or twist for 50 years.

Can be waterproof

Regardless of your intended use, you can use our waterproof plywood honeycomb panels to handle any extreme weather, underwater or water storage applications.

Requires no special handling

This new revolution in building material is completely simple and easy to use just like ordinary plywood. No special saw blades, tools or specialized skills are necessary to bring your designs to life in the most sustainable Eco-friendly way.

In side by side comparison


Patented Honeycomb Plywood vs. Traditional Plywood
Lightweight Heavy x
High-strength Moderate strength x
Eco-friendly Not eco-friendly x
Use 10% wood fiber Waste of natural wood fiber x
Manufacture w/little energy Great deal of energy consumed x
Insulated Not insulated x
True flat Will warp x
Moisture proof Absorbent x
Extreme weather proof Will crack, compromise finish x
No size limit Limited to 4×8, 4×10 x
Available in any thickness Limited to 1 1/8 inch x
Waterproof adhesive (crack-free surface) Glues will delaminate due to cracks x
Formaldehyde-free glue Contains formaldehyde x
Available with any skin Limited to wood only x
Made in USA Mostly off-shore import x