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About Honeycomb Panels USA

Honeycomb panels from Honeycomb Panels USA are not like other traditional honeycomb panels.

The Strongest Lightweight Honeycomb Panels Guaranteed

Honeycomb Panels USA utilizes a unique patented core material that enables the manufacture and delivery of a hybrid honeycomb panel that is resistant to warping, bending, twisting or delaminating, even under heavy loads while still remaining lightweight and stronger than steel pound for pound (660 PSI).

How Is It Possible?

The patented Eco-friendly lightweight and high strength patented core we use has unique composite materials and structure strength that cannot be matched or exceeded by any other known building material that we know of.

The honeycomb grids are actually built out of vertical grain wood, like any other traditional torsion box structure, which in itself provides incredible strength and structural integrity, but the inventor, Peter sing, did not stop there.

Patented Sing Core insideA torsion box structure does not have much sheer strength, so the inventor kept pushing his project forward… His solution was to fill the empty spaces of the torsion box structure grids with rigid recycled styrofoam (which is 90% air) wall-to-wall. Sandwich the entire structure between two stress skins using water-proof formaldehyde-free adhesives and you have the strongest, lightest weight building material known.

This material enables us to create the most impressive warp-free honeycomb panels that can be guaranteed for 50 years not to warp or fail.

For more information about the material that we use, see: www.singcore.com