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Honeycomb Plywood

patented honeycomb plywood lightweight high strength wood torsion box exposed viewHoneycomb Plywood by Honeycomb Panels could be the best sustainable ecologically responsible building material to surface within the last century that is lightweight, high strength and fully insulated.

Honeycomb Panels’ honeycomb plywood marine ply is so easy to use; any standard wood worker, millwork or wood shop can use our patented honeycomb plywood without any additional skills or equipment, just as though you were using plywood.

Don’t be fooled by its appearance or ease of use. Even though our honeycomb plywood marine ply looks like regular plywood, there is nothing normal about this newest generation of composite materials to hit the woodworking industry.

The boating industry and the U.S. Navy are embracing the attributes of our patented honeycomb plywood to replace marine plywood. Marine plywood is heavy and cannot maintain a high level of flatness or precision, like honeycomb plywood by Honeycomb Panels.

Unlike traditional marine plywood this honeycomb plywood has amazing characteristics that cannot be found elsewhere in any affordable flat building material.

stack of marine grade honeycomb plywood lightweight high strengthFor instance, our patented honeycomb plywood is:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • High strength
  • Insulated
  • True flat
  • Stay flat
  • Can be waterproof plywood
  • Requires no special handling
  • Eco-friendly

Honeycomb Panels makes our honeycomb plywood right here at our factory in McCleary, Washington in the USA. Our honeycomb plywood may be the only structural building material made in the USA and exported throughout the world.

patented marine grade structural honeycomb plywood for boat builders


At one-third the weight (or less depending on the thickness) this revolutionary new building material helps to reduce energy costs significantly; less expensive to ship across the USA or the world, using less fuel and natural resources with less carbon footprint. At the construction end; less equipment, energy and fuel consumed on-site while saving labor costs and fewer injuries.

High strength

Our honeycomb plywood is stronger than steel pound for pound, testing out at 660 PSI (while other honeycombs are between 10 and 100 PSI) and can be easily increased to over 1400 PSI or more (if necessary to meet your specifications).


Honeycomb Panels’ honeycomb plywood is based on their insulated panels’ design that is packed full of solid insulation wall-to-wall between the internal structure grids. The insulation panels can be used as any exterior grade plywood.

True flat

No other high strength affordable insulated building material can be as high precision for true flat surface (with 1000ths of an inch) with little or no variance depending on the desire surface material.

Stay flat

Unlike other flat building materials that may be flat when manufactured or installed, honeycomb plywood by Honeycomb Panels is designed to stay flat for 100 years and guaranteed not to warp, bend or twist for 50 years.

Can be waterproof

Regardless of your intended use, you can use our waterproof plywood honeycomb panels to handle any extreme weather, underwater or water storage applications.

Requires no special handling

This new revolution in building material is completely simple and easy to use just like ordinary plywood. No special saw blades, tools or specialized skills are necessary to bring your designs to life in the most sustainable Eco-friendly way.

In side by side comparison


Patented Honeycomb Plywood vs. Traditional Plywood
Lightweight Heavy x
High-strength Moderate strength x
Eco-friendly Not eco-friendly x
Use 10% wood fiber Waste of natural wood fiber x
Manufacture w/little energy Great deal of energy consumed x
Insulated Not insulated x
True flat Will warp x
Moisture proof Absorbent x
Extreme weather proof Will crack, compromise finish x
No size limit Limited to 4×8, 4×10 x
Available in any thickness Limited to 1 1/8 inch x
Waterproof adhesive (crack-free surface) Glues will delaminate due to cracks x
Formaldehyde-free glue Contains formaldehyde x
Available with any skin Limited to wood only x
Made in USA Mostly off-shore import x


Honeycomb Insulation Panels

Honeycomb Panels USA provides architects, engineers, designers and contractors with high performance honeycomb insulation panels that are not only lightweight and high-strength, but are also naturally imbued with effective insulation R value and sound deadening qualities.

honeycomb-panel-cutawayA standard SIP cannot compare to our Eco-friendly honeycomb insulation panel. In fact we have developed reinforced structural insulated panels (RSIP) that can be very high precision and customized to meet your specifications unlike standard sips.

honeycomb-panels-usa-premium-honeycomb-panels-50-years-guaranteedHoneycomb insulation panels by Honeycomb Panels are the only affordable insulation panel that can be guaranteed true flat and to stay flat for 50 years because they can be configured to not rot, warp, bend, twist or fail regardless of the application or exposure to the elements.

Our honeycomb insulation panels are pre-insulated composite panels that feature an internal torsion box honeycomb structure framing filled with solid foam insulation wall-to-wall for a strong, solid, flat building material that achieve 660 PSI or more (according to your specifications and requirements).


These high-end insulated panels are the leading edge of technology amongst the most highly advanced composites and sandwich panels in use below the sea (US Navy), in the air (Boeing) and beyond (NASA).

Once you’ve experienced the lightweight and super strength of Honeycomb Panels USA’s insulation panels, you will come to know the difference that many of the top companies around the world have discovered.

Besides being used as door core substrate for door insulation, you will find our honeycomb insulation panel widely used as a wall panel, where end-users enjoy the acoustic insulation advantages and benefits of an exquisite interior wall panels.

Wall Panel Systems

  1. Insulated wall panels
  2. Plastic wall panels
  3. Metal wall panels
  4. Interior wall panels
  5. Concrete wall panels

Are amongst our top-rated wall panel configurations, but are also available in aluminum panels, fiberglass panels, and can feature any flat building material including any available natural wood species, ceramic, glass, HPL, Kevlar, LVL, marine grade plywood, MDF, stainless steel, etc…

Contact Us and start your next project with hands down the best Eco-friendly, lightweight, high-strength base construction material available on the planet today.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Honeycomb Panels USA introduces the next generation of patented aluminum honeycomb panels inspired by aerospace, based on traditional woodworking skills resulting in an Eco-friendly high-performance aluminium composite panel that is lightweight and stronger than steel pound for pound.

This is an entirely new aluminum frontier where honeycomb panel sandwich paves the way for the most significant improvement in building materials since SIP panels (Structural Insulated Panels). Patented Honeycomb Panels are by far the most advanced aluminum composite panel amongst the sea of traditional metal panels.

The unique characteristics of Honeycomb Panel USA’s aluminium composite insulated panels has developed the first Reinforced Structural Insulated Panel (RSIP). This new generation of aluminum panels are the first in Honeycomb Panels’ aluminium products that are more lightweight, more high strength and less expensive than other traditional honeycomb panels that are used in high-end aerospace and marine industries.

You might be wondering how strong could these aluminum honeycomb panels be?

Independently tested at the University of Washington patented Honeycomb Panels have a compression strength of 660 PSI. That’s stronger than solid steel pound for pound. (Compare that to any other honeycomb panel, which could have compression strength of 10 to 100 PSI.)

This composite panel news is ringing throughout the metal wall panels industry because our high precision insulated wall panels outperform other sandwich panels in terms of providing affordable Eco-friendly, lightweight and high strength solutions to design issues that architects, designers and engineers have struggled with for years.

Patented Honeycomb Panels’ aluminum honeycomb panels are all based on our natural wood fiber torsion box honeycomb core filled with foam approach to aluminium honeycomb construction. And you might be surprised to discover that patented Honeycomb Panels are made in the USA, right here, in our factory in McCleary, Washington.

We ship, not only throughout the United States and Canada, but our aluminium panels may be the only flat goods building material that is manufactured in the United States and exported worldwide due to its one-of-a-kind unique properties.

Side by side, our space-age futuristic aluminum composite panels leave all other insulated metal panels in the past.

And every once in a while, someone asks us, “How to cut aluminum?”

Here’s the answer: Our aluminum honeycomb panels can be cut to your specifications in any standard wood shop. We have millworks who work with our aluminum honeycomb panels with not extra tools, or blade changes, treating it just like a normal piece of plywood.

So, if you’re looking for a metal panel that has better sound deadening qualities or will act as a temperature barrier with better results than other insulation panels, then you might agree with other architects, designers, high-end millworks, military and aerospace industries, that our patented aluminum honeycomb panels by Honeycomb Panels USA.

Honeycomb Panel

Honeycomb Panels from Sing CoreUnited States-based Honeycomb Panels is proud to manufacture the only Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength honeycomb panels that are made in North America.

The unique honeycomb structure of patented honeycomb panels are completely set apart from other honeycomb core materials, like honeycomb paper, honeycomb cardboard, honeycomb plastic and/or honeycomb metals, like honeycomb aluminum or honeycomb steel.

Honeycomb Panels’ honeycomb panels are configured and manufactured based on an Eco-friendly honeycomb design resulting in the most ecologically sustainable and long-lasting honeycomb panel.

Aluminium Honeycomb Panels 1 inch thick 13 ft span stronger than steel pound for pound

Honeycomb Panels’ high performance aluminum honeycomb panels have superior structural integrity when compared to any other affordable light yet strong honeycomb material. In fact, each Honeycomb Panels’ aluminum honeycomb panel starts with a 660 PSI (stronger than steel pound for pound) and it can be raised in your honeycomb aluminum panels to meet your specifications.

The secret of the superior structural strength of Honeycomb Panels is deep within the honeycomb core material that results in the most significant advancement in honeycomb composite panels in the last century.

Honeycomb-Panel-CoreInside each patented honeycomb panel is a honeycomb wood structure based on torsion box design. Torsion box is a series of wood boxes housed within exterior surface materials as a higher strength alternative to hollow core composite panel. This technology has been around for thousands of years and requires tedious handcraftsmanship.

Our honeycomb core panels feature this wood honeycomb torsion box structure as the starting point. Next up, Honeycomb Panels fills the empty spaces within each wooden box all to wall for an advanced composite recycled foam filled honeycomb that provides a solid foundation for any flat surface building material to be adhered.

When the composite cores are glued to lightweight plywood, the resulting honeycomb wood panels are very strong with unbelievable compression and shear strength.


Honeycomb Panel Double DoorsHoneycomb Panel’s patented honeycomb door is probably the best example of the uncompromising results of this revolutionary super composite honeycomb panel. It is well known within the woodworking craftsmen and millworks that any door over seven feet tall will fail resulting in repeated follow-up calls to the site to fix the door, the hardware or the structure repeatedly over time.

That is because – until now – there just was no way to make a lightweight door that would not warp, bend, twist or crack over time. Thanks to Honeycomb Panels’ honeycomb door core, our doors can measure up to 50 feet and be guaranteed flat and to stay flat for 50 years.

That’s here on the ground. Flying far above our heads you will find aerospace honeycomb panels that have been used for years. Lightweight? Yes. High strength? Hardly. The average aerospace honeycomb panel weighs in at only 10 to 100 PSI (compare that to Honeycomb Panels’ 660+ PSI). Which would you rather have?


That’s why the top aerospace companies, like NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Lufthansa and the branches of the United States military are now embracing the Honeycomb Panels solution.

Our first of its kind honeycomb sandwich panel can be used not just in aircraft, nor in their hangar doors but in the most unique and wide-ranged honeycomb applications.

And the material options are nearly endless as you can use any surface material to achieve the results – either structurally or visually – to achieve the performance requirements that you desire for nearly any application where weight, strength and structural integrity over long spans may be a concern.

Honeycomb Panels

honeycomb-panel-cutawayHoneycomb Panels bring you the ultimate solution to the issues of lightweight and high strength with our high-performance patented precision honeycomb panels that are far superior to any other existing honeycomb panel material available.

Our honeycomb panels are Eco-friendly,  lightweight, high strength and proudly made in the USA in our factory located in the Pacific Northwest town of McCleary, Washington.

What makes Honeycomb Panels so different from other honeycomb panels?

Revised Natural Torsion Box

Honeycomb-Panels-Patented-Wood-Torsion-Box-Structure-Made-in-USAFirst of all, the base of our honeycomb core is manufactured of natural wood fiber that is configured in a basic torsion box pattern. This is an effective and ecologically sound approach to conserving the best of nature. The torsion box strength is multiplied by using revised vertical grain orientation, rather than traditional horizontal grain for the torsion box structure.

Solid Structure Throughout

honeycomb-panel-torsion-box-coreTo further improve on the natural wood torsion box design, our patented Honeycomb Panels fill the otherwise empty voids of each individual box or cell with a firm, recycled foam material. This is also an ecologically sound use of material that would otherwise be stressful for out environment, yet when adhered inside the individual cells, provides a lightweight yet solid-as-a-rock foundation for the exterior surface materials to be applied.

Sandwich Skins

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe torsion box honeycomb core is sandwiched between to sheets of exterior surface material – or skins – to complete the torsion box design. We have no preference to the material that is used on the exterior of our honeycomb panels. The default surface material is a lightweight plywood material that can easily be bonded to almost any other material by an adequately equipped millwork or woodcraftsman. The exterior skin could be any flat building material, including any available natural wood species, aluminum, brick, cement, ceramic, concrete, fiberglass, FRP, glass, Kevlar, LVL, metal, MDF, plastic, stainless steel, etc…


Wood-honeycomb-panel-kitchen-cabinetsThe possibilities are endless because of the unlimited variations of our honeycomb panels configuration that can be customized to meet (or exceed) your specifications. The types of foam used and variety of skin composites make this the perfect high-performance building material.

There are so many applications that are possible with our high strength and lightweight honeycomb panels which can also be configured in post and beam formats.

honeycomb-panels-usa-green-eco-friendlyEco-friendly Manufacture

In our factory the patented honeycomb panels are hand manufactured by our local labor force using expensive formaldehyde-free glue (that will not delaminate) throughout the creation process, using very little energy, with no toxic waste.

aluminium honeycomb panels lightweight composite panels honeycomb coreLightweight

Honeycomb Panels USA honeycomb panels weigh only a fraction of other building materials due to their unique design and manufacturing process, providing a 100% solid true flat building material.

High Strength

Honeycomb Panel Post and Beam Lab Testing at Washington State UniversityBesides being lightweight, the single most important feature of our patented honeycomb panels is in the high strength performance. You will find our honeycomb panels utilized in architectural designs that could not be created with any other building material because only ours has a compression strength of over 660 PSI (as independently tested by the University of Washington – that’s stronger than solid steel pound-for-pound) while other honeycomb panels weigh-in at 10-to-100 PSI. This enables our honeycomb panels to bridge long spans with very little substructure (because the frame is built-in to the panel itself).


honeycomb-panels-usa-premium-honeycomb-panels-50-years-guaranteedUnlike other honeycomb panels that fail and are considered disposable and are constantly in need of repair, Honeycomb Panels USA honeycomb panels will last virtually forever without failure. In fact, our patented honeycomb panels are the only building material that can be guaranteed true flat – and will stay true flat – for 50 years. That means, no more service calls because our premium honeycomb panels are designed and built to last for centuries and will not rot, warp, bend, twist, cup or fail over time.


honeycomb-panels-green-eco-friendly-affordable-economical-save-moneyIt is our intent to make our patented honeycomb panels affordable to the masses. Pricing is comparable to marine grade plywood and much less than honeycomb composite panels used in traditional aerospace technology.

At this time, we only sell wholesale direct to manufacturers, so if you’re looking to use our honeycomb panels at home, please contact your local builder’s supply, lumber yard or contractor for more information about Honeycomb Panels USA.

Dealer inquiries invited.