Honeycomb Panels

Welcome to Honeycomb Panels USA.

Honeycomb Panels is an American company manufacturing the only Eco-friendly, lightweight, high-strength honeycomb panels in the USA.

Our patented high performance Honeycomb Panels are proudly made in the USA and out perform any honeycomb panels in the world, especially in terms of being lighter in weight and stronger than steel with the advantage of sustainable design and manufacture processes.

Honeycomb Panels featured here at Honeycomb Panels USA are the only lightweight high-strength panels that can be guaranteed true flat and will stay flat for 50 years (even though they are designed and built to last for centuries).

Only our Honeycomb Panels are warranted to not warp, bend, twist, crack, cup or rot even if exposed to the elements 100%.

Honeycomb Panels may be the only sheet goods made in the USA regularly exported for ecologically conscious builders abroad.

Please consider helping us to make the world a better place by spreading the word about the best honeycomb panel that not only outperform import honeycomb panels but are ecologically responsible and made in the USA.



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